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Ebay Listing

We have finally got round to starting to add some products to ebay, all laser cut of course. Ebay shop. So far we have quite a few home decor items which are great but the most interesting item is a Breadboard Component Holder.

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After getting fed up of bent pins on our breadboard compatible components (being of the “stick it in the box/drawer” school of tidy) we decided to come up with something that we could use to store these items. We now have a few of these on walls and desks and in one case on the side of a PC!

With a couple of male headers we can use them to store dev boards like the Stellaris Launchpad, Chipkit and of course Arduino!

We even use them to store ICs like this L293D Motor Driver

Only problem we have is that it takes quite a while to laser drill the six thousand two hundred and nine holes!

You can get one here – Breadboard Component Holder

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Robot Gripper

I have designed a robot gripper for a Turnigy mini TG9e servo. A paypal link for the laser cut acrylic components is at the bottom of the page. The gripper is laser cut from 3mm and 5mm acrylic and bolted together with M4 16mm machine screws.

The servo arm is used to drive the gripper.

The green acrylic under the servo is the 5mm section. Make the bolts finger tight and adding a blob of superglue to the nuts helps keep everything solid.

The servo hooked up to a boarduino.

I am selling the acrylic parts for £5 (plus shipping) via paypal.

You will also need a small servo such as the Turnigy TG9e (I believe the TG9 will fit as well), 7x M4 16mm machine screws, 7x M4 nuts,14x M4 washers and a teeny tiny screw to attach the servo arm to the gripper (the ones with the servo are ideal)

The “wrist” has 2x 4mm holes but if you require something different just let me know when ordering.

Servos can be sourced here .
M4 hardware is available from all good hardware stores 😉
Instructions can be downloaded here.

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Back to work

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Right, that’s Christmas over with, back to work!

Project one of the year, Jewelry / trinket boxes. Cut from 3mm acrylic of various colours with engraving if required. Currently only available via eBay –

Project two – productising (I do hate that word) our range for Braunston Ltd. This should include awards, plaques and signs as well as paper and board cutting. I will post a link to their website when it is up and running.

Project three – working out what projects four and above should be.

Should be a good year. 🙂