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USB Microscope

We were lucky enough to be given a USB microscope this christmas so decided to try it out by soldering some Atmega8A in a TQFP32 package that we got REALLY cheap from China. We etched a breakout board using the vinyl on paper – laser print – heat transfer technique (we will write a post up about that later) and prepared to solder.

We realised they were small but hadn’t realised HOW small!

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Luckily we could get far closer than we will ever need to solder.

 The microscope can also record video – below is our first attempt at soldering this size package. So far everything seems to have been successful!

Not the most thrilling video in the world but it works!

2 thoughts on “USB Microscope

  1. Let me know what is the temperature of the soldering iron?

  2. Er, about half?! lol. I have a cheap, chinese, ebay special soldering iron with an undisclosed temperature range. I usually use it at just over half way on the dial but it doesn’t seem too critical for what I have been doing. Hope that helped!

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