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Fire Detector

After Martins fire, and have a near miss myself I am planning to build a fire detection system for my laser. I am already building an Axolotl temperature sensor system (which I am logging at the moment) so when that is complete I will have a look at using a similar system for fire detection. Whilst the temp sensor is being finished I am going to log the temperature in the laser to see what sort of range I am dealing with. For this I am going to use the chipkit / arduino prototype for the Axolotl system and write something simple to monitor the com port on the PC.

I will strip the LED and buzzer off and hook up the temp sensor directly.

More details and code will be published when I have it hooked up.
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Post one – proof that fire is a real issue with a laser cutter! Cause – not paying enough attention and using acrylic risers with a sheet that requires a low speed and high power. One was right below a technical section on the evil snowman and whoomph – FIRE! lesson learnt.

Incidentally, Pulp Horror – don’t worry, your order will be in on time! eBay