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One weekend I decided I wanted to field a Stompa with my 40k Ork army. Rather than buy one I spotted an old PC and the PC Motherboard Stompa was born!

After a lot of chopping and glueing and swearing the monstrosity you see below was born. I think it suits the Orky tech ideal. Everyone in the office particularly likes his massive thermopile generator backside!

More pics after the jump!

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New products!

After a very long time waiting we are now releasing our newest kit!

As a change from our previous sets we have created a Gothic Modular Ruins kit that can be assembled in any way you would like!

1 Kit

Half a kit

Half a kit

Half a kit

2 Kits

It is now available to purchase from as ell as our ebay shop linked above.

This set is designed to be assembled however you would like. You can create low walls, towers, rooms or anything else you can think of! This is also compatible with our other modular sets.

The kit contains one set of parts comprising 6 Walls, 8 Ruined Walls, 2 Floors, 4 Ruined floors,
2 Doors and 96 Assorted Connector pieces. This is enough to create one of the towers with the 2 door sections or two of the smaller buildings, or something entirely different!

Each section is 3 inches square.

We will be releasing further variations on these sets with more components and in different styles over the coming weeks.

To celebrate finally releasing this kit we are planning to get 5 sets, 2 of which will be a set we haven’t released yet, we are building a huge cathedral piece for our gaming table! This should be pretty impressive when it is finished. We will be posting updates on facebook as they occur.

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Prototype storage

Version 0.000001 of our storage / display / transport system currently in development. 

The current prototype is stackable but lacks the features planned for transport.
Large enough to fit a Land Raider or 25 25mm based miniatures.
The base lifts out to allow size changes.
If there are any features you would want let me know.

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Ork Looted Trukk Mk 1 Space Marine Rhino

Another Mk1 Rhino conversion!

The wheels were laser cut in layers. The rest of the body and plates etc were scratch built from laser cutting off cuts. Details are from the original Rhino and bits box. rivets were 0.5mm square section styrene or 3D printer filament cut into bits. Paint was just black prime, sponged on Humbrol silver, sponged on Citadel orange, panels sponged Humbrol 60 red, wash of Citadel Agrax Earthshade, dry brush of humbrol silver and black mix and finally details painted in.

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Whirlwind MK1 Rhino Conversion

My Whirlwind converted with a scratch built turret from an old, pretty knackered, MK1 (MKI) Rhino, which had been badly converted to Predator (the hull sides were not level so it rocked about 10mm up and down front left to back right!) and eventually purchased by my friend Kev as a job lot on ebay. He then butchered it to use the predator parts so what I had was in a pretty sad state!.

 I stripped the old paint off (using IPA – brilliant stuff!), cleaned it up, re-assembled.
Some vehicle accessories were added and some new exhaust ports.

Measured up, drew and cut the parts. A mix of 3mm acrylic (white, with the blue protector) and 1mm HIPS (black). Having a laser cutter is really handy!




Missiles. I ended up using some clothing studs as the ones I sculpted were frankly rubbish!

Finished! It still needs some weathering and a better picture but it turned out pretty well.

The bridge above is something else for a later date!
All enquiries for getting your own designs laser cut can be emailed to
I am now waiting on 3 more old shape Rhinos from ebay, all in a pretty poor state, to become a Vindicator and possibly a couple of Ork Trukks.