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Whirlwind MK1 Rhino Conversion

My Whirlwind converted with a scratch built turret from an old, pretty knackered, MK1 (MKI) Rhino, which had been badly converted to Predator (the hull sides were not level so it rocked about 10mm up and down front left to back right!) and eventually purchased by my friend Kev as a job lot on ebay. He then butchered it to use the predator parts so what I had was in a pretty sad state!.

 I stripped the old paint off (using IPA – brilliant stuff!), cleaned it up, re-assembled.
Some vehicle accessories were added and some new exhaust ports.

Measured up, drew and cut the parts. A mix of 3mm acrylic (white, with the blue protector) and 1mm HIPS (black). Having a laser cutter is really handy!




Missiles. I ended up using some clothing studs as the ones I sculpted were frankly rubbish!

Finished! It still needs some weathering and a better picture but it turned out pretty well.

The bridge above is something else for a later date!
All enquiries for getting your own designs laser cut can be emailed to
I am now waiting on 3 more old shape Rhinos from ebay, all in a pretty poor state, to become a Vindicator and possibly a couple of Ork Trukks.