Urban Decay Hotel

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Enjoy a relaxing stay in the citys finest hotel. Jut remember to stay in your room after dark as it can get a little crazy out there! Don’t worry the rats will keep you company…

Approx Dimensions – 220m high, 184mm wide, 95mm deep

Part of our Urban Decay range.

Love gaming but hate painting? Don’t have the time to put together fiddly terrain and painstakingly detail your buildings? We have the solution! Hooray!! The XLCs range of 28mm pre-printed buildings are simple to assemble and will make your table look awesome…if we do say so ourselves! Our terrain comes pre-printed and ready to assemble. Each design is laser cut from printed 3mm MDF, all you need to do is glue together. That’s it!

No base board so you are free to use on any wargame terrain..or futuristic railway modelling if that’s your cup of tea!

Assembly instructions included.