Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera Fighting Pit MDF Limited Edition Board



The Fighting Pits Are Open!

Now, with Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera, you can take your favourite fantasy miniatures and pit them against each other in games of fast-paced, strategic arena combat! With rules for dynamic melee combat, ranged weapons, magic, packs of wild animals, traps, towers and more, the only limit is your imagination!

Fighting Pit

The Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera are sun-baked, arid arenas of death, where life is cheap and the sands are stained scarlet… in other words a perfect day out for the whole family. Wren’s livers and otter’s noses are available from the concessions stand.

This magnificent double sided arena measures 18 inches across and features baked sands on one side and cool stonework on the other. Perfect for games of Fighting Pits of Baad Tibera, or as a pit-fighting encounter for your game of choice. Made from 3mm preprinted mdf

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