Visicast Military Shipping Containers


The Visicast is a YouTube Channel providing high production value Warhammer 40k content. From Battle Reports to Tactic and Showcase videos.

The Visicast is all about Warhammer in its best light, fully painted models on a fully painted board. Now the Visicast is teaming up with the XLC and you can get scenery to create an awesome board at an affordable price and ready to go after some simple assembly. No painting required.

Make sure you check out the Visicast on YouTube:



These 3 special edition Military Shipping Containers were designed alongside Viscast and feature some cool little touches which you will get if you watch the channel.

The opening doors (how else would you get stuff in there!) are big enough for your troops to hide inside and surprise the enemy…or hide like a cowardly grot.

Size (Each container measures)




They are laser cut from printed 3mm MDF, all you need to do is peel off the protective backing and glue together. That’s it!

A percentage of all sales will go to the Visicast to help fund their projects.