The Sundering of Fortis II a Horus Heresy Event (Traitor)


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November 25th 2018 we will host the following event:

The sundering of Fortis 2.
A Horus Heresy narrative event.

This is a 4 game event using the “Centurion” ruleset with slight modifications. This event is open to all Legions, Mechanicum, Solar Auxillia, and Militia. (No Talons of the Emperor lists for this event.) Twelve spots will be available. 6 LOYALIST and 6 TRAITOR.

1000 point lists with no praetor or arch magos level characters. (Centurion/consuls and magos allowed.) As well as no named characters.

Event schedule:

8:30 – Doors Open
9:00-9:15 – Registration
9:15-9:30 – Welcome Brief
9:30-11:15 – GAME ONE
11:15-11:30 – Break and Briefing
11:30-13:15 – GAME TWO
13:15-14:15 – Lunch and Briefing
14:15-16:00 – GAME THREE
16:00-16:15 – Break and Briefing
16:15-18:00 – GAME FOUR
18:00 – Final Briefing and Awards!


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