Pre-printed Bases


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New for 2017 are our Pre-printed MDF bases.

If, like us, you find painting bases a chore, and would rather spend time on the model or playing then our new pre-printed bases are for you. These are made in the same way as our buildings and look great on any gaming table.

Bases are currently available in 4 styles, but we will add to these as we get more designs in place.

If your base size isn’t listed please contact us and we will see what we can do to help.


We strongly recommend you pin any models with a small footprint to these bases. 

Watch our short picture montage and see how easy it is to do using a small hand drill, 1.2mm brass rod, wire cutters and thick superglue.

Pinning Bases

Due to the way the bases are made base designs will be random in the style that you have chosen, we can not supply specific print.

Models in pictures are for display only and do not come with the bases.

Additional information

Base style

Lava, Metal Grid, Stone, Putrid

Size option

25 x 25mm, 20 x 32mm, 15 x 40mm, 10 x 60mm, 15 x Cavalry, 3 x Oval